Tunes We Play

Here’s a list of all the tunes we are currently playing, and some background history!


AJDE JANO —— Famous Serbian folk dance tune

ANGEO CHUVAR —— also known as “Shajbija”, from the heartbreaking movie “Andjeo Cuvar” (Guardian Angel)

BRIDE’S DANCE —— Nevestinsko Oro in Macedonian, a typical wedding chochek

BUBAMARA —— (Nikola Tosic on lead vocal, in Romani). The famous theme from the Emir Kusterica film “Black Cat White Cat”

CAJORE SUKARIJA —— (Kristina Zalite and Jonnine Mahonen on lead vocals, in Romani). The most famous song by the Queen of the Gypsies, Esma Redzepova of Macedonia. The title means “beautiful girl” in Romani

CUDNA JADA OD MOSTARA GRADA —— (Nikola Tosic on lead vocal). Our new take on the iconic Bosnian sevdalinka song

DEJANOV COCEK —— an original by our teacher and guru Demiran Cerimovic

EDERLEZI / DJURDJEVDAN —— Kristina Zalite and Jonnine Mahonen on lead vocals, in Romani and/or Serbian) The famous theme from Emir Kusterica’s “Time of the Gypsies”. Ederlezi is the Roma festival of springtime, celebrated simultaneously by Serbs as “Djurdjevdan” (St George’s Day), on May 6.

EDERLEZI AVELA —— (Michael Louw and Kristina Zalite on lead vocals, in Romani). Also from Emir Kusterica’s “Time of the Gypsies”

GOODBYE MACEDONIA —— 9/8 traditional chochek

FEJATOV COCEK —— One of Fejat Sejdic’s most famous tunes

GUCA HIT —— This tune was the biggest hit in Guca, all the bands were playing it, on stage and in restaurants and walking down the street. We don’t know what it’s proper name is, if it even has one!

HANUMA —— Another great Saban Bajramovic song

HAVA NAGILA —— our token Klezmer song! We are happy to learn more for Jewish weddings!

INDISKO ORO —— Actually the theme from the 1970’s Bollywood cult classic “Disco Dancer”, called “Goro Ki Na Kalo Ki”

JA URANI JUTROS RANO —— An old song from Vranje (South serbia) that we first heard in brass band arrangement when some of us attended the Surdulica semi-final trumpet competition. Thanks to Isidor Zecirovic for making us fall in love with this tune!

JEREMIJA —— (Sung by Kristina Zalite, Nikola Tosic, and Michael Louw, in Serbian. Frequent guest singer Vladan Vidakovic). A traditional song about a soldier away at war reminiscing about his home, probably from early 20th century. “Artilerija!”

JOVANO, JOVANKE —– (Sung by Jonnine Mahonen). A beautiful old song in 7/8 time from Macedonia.

JUZNO MORAVSKO —— 7/8 rachanitza dance tune from South Serbia

KAZUJ KRCMO DZERIMO —— A jovial Serbian song, with no tragic ending! They do exist, this is one of them!

KOSTANIN MEKAM —— Old turkish style tune we got from Bakija Bakic and Kurta Ajredinovic

KUSTINO ORO —— A traditional Romani dance tune, also known as “Sunen Romalen Sunen Cavalen”

LATINO —— We got this one from Boban Markovic. This is the tune that started it all, the first taste of Balkan Brass that band founder Oliver Sutton heard in the winter of 2006, which led to a pilgrimage to Guca in 2007 and the founding of this band in 2008! Thanks Boban! And Village 900 radio (Victoria) for playing it!

HAJDEMO U PLANINA (LET’S GO TO THE MOUNTAINS) —— Classic Bjelo Dugme (White Button) song from the ’80’s

MESECINA —— (Jonnine Mahonen on lead vocals, in Serbian). “Moonlight”. Another Goran Bregovic classic, from the Emir Kusterica film “Underground”

MITO BEKRIJO —— (Nikola Tosic on lead vocal). The tragic song of the consequences of an excessively hedonistic lifestyle

MRAK KOLO —— Fun kolo taught to us by Demiran Cerimovic

NISKA BANJA —— (Kristina Zalite on lead vocals). Cheerful 9/8 song about leaving your love behind at the hotsprings of Nish (Serbia).

NESANICA —— (Jonnine Mahonen on lead vocals). Means “insomnia”, from the famous movie “Ivkova Slava”.

NOVI SA SA —— Dance tune taught to us by Demiran and his son Novica

OBRSIM PERELA —— (Jonnine Mahonen on lead vocals). Another iconic Saban Bajramovic song

OLUJA —— (Sung by Kristina Zalite and Michael Louw). Means “Storm”. By the late Romani singer Luis.

OPA CUPA —— (Nikola Tosic on lead vocal). Irresistable Romani dance tune made famous by Saban Bajramovic

OTPISANI —— “The Written Off”… incredibly catchy theme song from the cult 1970’s Yugoslav TV series of the same name. The show was about a group of partizani fighting Nazis in occupied Serbia during WWII. Very intense and high production values for the time, and this creepy music throughout… all episodes are on YouTube! (Credit: Milivoj Markovic)

PAVLOVACKI COCEK —— Another classic South Serbian Romani chochek, known by many other names such as “balada za trubacha”

PROKLETA JE AMERIKA —— (Luke Moore on lead vocals). Saban Bajramovic’s famous song about the loneliness of the economic immigrant who must leave behind family in search of a better life

RANO JE ZA TUGU —— (Jonnine Mahonen on lead vocals). Haris Dzinovic’s beautiful love song.

REKA ZELIJA —— Another great chochek by Ekrem Sajdic, apparently based on a Bollywood soundtrack.

SAO VRANJSKI —— 9/8 dance chochek from an old Yugoslav movie featuring muisc by Bakija Bakic and Kurta Ajredinovic

USTI USTI BABA —— (Michael Louw on lead vocals, in Romani). A traditional Roma wedding song from Macedonia. “Wake up wake up father… they’re (the wedding party) coming for my sister!”

SAT —— A slow and very trippy tune we got from Boban Markovic’s brass arrangement, composed by the Polish band “Kroke”.

SHEVA —— “The Skylark”, a breakneck Romanian fiddle tune and showcase for our amazing lead trumpet, Jonnine Mahonen

UZICKO KOLO —— THE kolo that everyone knows, very simple and irresistible dance tune. From central Serbia, but known throughout the Balkans.

VLASKI ORIJENT —— A great bellydance tune from Slobodan Salijevic

VRANJANKA —— (Steve Clements on lead vocal). Love song from South Serbia, and variation on the borderless tune most commonly known in the West as “Miserlou”

VRANJANSKI SA SA —— Another great upbeat dance tune taught to us by Demiran Cerimovic

… plus many more currently out of the active play list, but brought back on request!