So long and thank you for 8 great years

Dear Orkestar Slivovica Friends and Fans,

After much deliberation and soul searching, we have made the difficult decision to end the band.

Buy why, many of you ask. Why do bands end? It is rarely for just one reason. Eight years is a long time and keeping a large band such as this moving forward takes an enormous amount of time, energy, and dedication. The local live music scene is increasingly difficult as venues disappear, funding decreases, and the perceived value of live music diminishes. We have had many amazing people in the band, but every time people leave and new people come in, it takes a lot of work to build a team that can work together with a shared vision, and facing that yet again made this seem the right time to bid farewell.

Things change, nothing lasts forever. Eight years is a good run for any band!

You will no doubt see and hear more from the various members, and we are not ruling out some future project, or maybe a one-off reunion show someday. But for now this will be it.

Thank you so much to all the fans who have supported and followed us from our humble beginnings, and saw the many transformations of the band over the years as members and artistic visions changed. Thank you to all the musicians who have played with the band, with special thanks to our teacher and mentor Demiran Cerimovic who came from Serbia four times to show us how “trubaci” music is really played. Thank you to all the other artistic collaborators, both musical and visual, especially the many dancers of various styles. And thank you to all the wonderful clients and event producers we have worked with over the years, and all the marvelous festivals and weddings and other celebrations we had the privilege to be part of (if you were planning on booking us again, get in touch and we’ll try to line you up with a suitable replacement band), with a special thanks to Caravan World Rhythms and Transformation Projects for our longstanding partnerships.

But before we go, please join us for a last hurrah at Opa Tsupa festival on October 22 and the Russian Hall (see below).

Oliver and Kristina

tickets available now at


Summer’s End

We have one last out-of-town festival this weekend: Quadrapalooza on Quadra Island:

Soon we will return to our regular local gigs, with Renfrew Ravine Moonfest on September 17 as our first home gig since June!

We’ve had many great adventures traveling to Northern Alberta at the North Country Fair; to ArtsWells in Wells, BC; and Princeton Traditional Music Festival. We have also played for many weddings and private events. Thank you to everyone who hired us, and to all of you who listened and danced to our music!

Summer wedding and festival season begins!

Thanks to everyone who came to Ederlezi Balkan Brass Festival! The music and energy in the room was amazing, and everyone had a great time. And thanks to our island fans who filled the halls in Victoria and CUmberland!  It is a great way to end our winter indoor show season.

Now we will begin our wedding and festival season, with European Festival being the first stop as we travel as far as Northern Alberta. See the calendar on the right for more information on all our public appearances.

We still have some dates open for private weddings and parties! Let us know, even if you see we have a booking that day, we may be able to do a second performance if the timing works out. Email us at 0rkestars at gmail d0t com, or telephone 6o4, 612-1o5o.

Ederlezi Balkan Brass Festival tickets on sale now!

Ederlezi Balkan Brass Festival returns for its seventh year, once again starring Romani trumpet master and singer Demiran Cerimovic all the way from Vranje, Serbia!

Tickets are on sale now! and at Highlife Records, 1317 Commercial

This year we have a new band all the way from San Fransisco, Fanfare Zambaleta!

Here’s the lineup for each evening:

7-8 : Opening band and dance workshop
8-9 : Orkestar Slivovica followed by folk dancers
9-10: The m9
10-11: Fanfare Zambaleta
11-12: Orkestar Slivovica with special surprise guests
12-1: The massed band grande finale, with dancers!
Opening band is Zlatna Mountain on Friday and Grupa Dunbarov on Saturday
Serbian Folk dance group is Vuk Karadzic Veterans on Friday and Gradina on Saturday!

Saturday afternoon drumming, singing, and band workshops!
Info here.


Plans for 2016…

Happy New Year to all of you! We have many things in the works for 2016, here are some highlights:

  • Ederlezi festival returns for its 7th year on May 13-15 at the Grandview Legion. Stay tuned for lineup announcements!
  • Opa Tsupa festival will return in the fall after a 2 year hiatus, most likely October 21-22
  • We will be touring Alberta in mid-June, including Edmonton and the North Country Fair festival
  • We have many smaller festivals in BC lined up already
  • We already have 4 weddings booked, no doubt many more to come in… so book soon if you want us at your wedding or special event!

Sljivovica Social Club kafana nights are back, First Friday of each month!

On October 2 we kicked off our 6th year of first Friday of the month “kafana” nights! Still at the Seven Dining Lounge on Broadway, we began the season with our old friend and mentor Lache Cercel, with his Roma Swing Ensemble! It was an amazing night, and it will happen again every month until April, with a different guest band each time!

See the postings on the right for details ——->


Summer wedding and festival season!

Next public show is Wednesday June 24, Make Music Vancouver! Free street performance! Last scheduled public performance until September! Click on the event on the calendar to the right for more information——>



(PS: We still have several dates available in the summer! Throwing a big party? Getting married? Hire us to make it unforgettable!)

Ederlezi Festival a big success!

A big thank you to all of you who came and made this year’s Ederlezi the best ever, according to feedback from both audience and performers!

Special thanks to Robert Benaroya of Caravan World Rhythms for producing, to Adrian Sinclair of Transformation Projects for house management, Matt Bryant and Jonas Shandel for sound, and all the volunteers and paid staff who made the event possible.

Orkestar Slivovica has one final week with Demiran Cerimovic to learn some more new tunes, sharpen up our arrangements, and glean what we can from his vast skill and knowledge. We have several private performances but there is still one evening still free, Friday May 15, or Sunday May 17 afternoon, if someone wants to book us.

We will take a 2 week break and then begin our summer wedding and festival season. Our next public appearance is Saturday May 30 (Collingwood Days and European Festival). See the calendar to the right for more information!

Once again, thank you all!